Purple Rain

We don't strive for medals. We want to be sure that we serve you the best coffee possible and be positive that we help the society with every drink you take. Our coffee beans Purple Rain are organically produced and sourced from farms and cooperatives that contribute to the education, health, and well being of the farming communities from which they originate. Moreover, we are thrilled that our coffee has the Golden Medal for Organic Coffee at Golden Beans. ;-)


Nourish, relax, be mindful, repeat..

We designed The Milkman's Daughter to offer the Gold Coast community and tourists a feel good place. Our purpose is to serve vegetarian, wholesome, and honest food. We aim to leave lasting experience to keep you coming back. Because we love to see you again. 

Eat consciously. Live consciously - it's about being awake and aware so that we can fully enjoy everything about being alive, including eating.

"This place is absolute proof that great things come in small packages. Go check it out for yourselves."